90% of Construction Leaders See New Tech as Essential; Only 37% Claim to Be Prepared

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Robison Wells
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While the report is Australian, the points are global: the Construction Industry Innovation & Productivity Report, studying 200 industry leaders, states the 90% of believe it is valuable to stay up-to-date with new technology, and 90% also agree that increased productivity is the chief benefit of that new technology. However, only 37% say that their companies are early adopters of new technologies.

In fact, high percentages of respondents believe that they were “not at all prepared”or “only slightly prepared” for future innovations. 78% say they lack in drone technology, 77% are lagging behind in 3D printing, and 54% need more BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology. Even more commonplace practices were lacking: The Internet of Things (51%), desktop software (46%) and cloud technology (45%).

Lincoln Easton, the founder of ProgressClaim, the sponsors of the report, said “Increased productivity (90%), enhanced competitiveness (85%), and less time wastage (77%) ranked as the top three benefits of new technologies—but, as an industry, we are lacking long-term vision, resources and expertise to roll out new solutions.”

“A product-focused approach, rather than long term thinking, is breeding a stagnant culture that’s stifling progression at pace or scale.”

The key obstacles found were Lack of Expertise and Resources (50%), Lack of Standardization (50%), and Reluctance to Change (39%.)

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