National Craft Championships Names Clemon Prevost Craft Instructor of the Year

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Robison Wells
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The National Craft Championship, an organization that gathers competitors from around the country to compete in trades and crafts, recently recognized Clemon Prevost, a senior talent development specialist for Fluor’s U.S. Gulf Coast Craft Training Center in Pasadena, Texas, the 2019 Craft Instructor of the Year. Prevost was honored during the Careers in Construction Awards at ABC Convention 2019 in Long Beach, California.

The ABC Careers in Construction Awards presents this award to someone who “possesses outstanding creativity, a positive attitude and the ability to transfer knowledge through communications skills and innovative teaching to promote lifelong learning to the future construction workforce.”

In his acceptance speech, Prevost said “I teach students more than classroom. I teach them life. As an instructor, I’m trying to create a person, above and beyond a technician. If I train you, give you my 34 years of experience but not give you any employability skills, I’ve done you no justice.I feel the instructor of the year should build character in the person as well as craftsmanship.”

“It has been so great for them to come back to me, literally to honor me, for the gift that I gave them, which is knowledge.”

The National Craft Championships will be next held in March 2020, in Nashville, TN.

To learn more about Clemon Prevost, visit the National Craft Championships homepage.

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