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Architectural news sharing interesting content about ancient structures, new sustainable practices, alternative building materials, and creative innovations.
Are Instagram and 'Social Media Architecture' Ruining Construction Design?

ArchDaily tackled a topic that may seem odd at first, but which they make a solid case for, providing a surprising amount of evidence to deal with: architecture and construction are being driven not just by form or function but by photographability, to accommodate the culture of Instagram and Pinterest.

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New Residential Building Trend: Nobody Wants an Open Kitchen

According to Architect Nicholas Potts, what was old is new again. The new residential building trend is moving away from open floor plans, back to sectioned rooms.

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Controversy Raised Over New Construction Versus Preserving Old

California lives in the middle of a housing crisis, particularly in the Bay Area. They attack the problem by refurbishing old houses, changing zoning to allow multiple-unit splits in existing homes, and upzoning to construct larger buildings with lower rents. Yet, the problem persists.

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Fodor’s Names Its Most Notorious Construction Projects

Fodor’s, a famed international travel guide, cites notorious construction phenomena. Whether by poor site selection, lousy building materials, or oversights in architectural design, each of the guide’s featured buildings manifests spectacular problems.

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How the Great Chicago Fire Changed the City’s—and the World’s—Architecture

One hundred fifty years after the inferno that swept Chicago, architects and historians explore the city’s rapid rebuild. They want to understand the fire’s impact on both Chicago’s landscape and national construction trends.

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Modular Home Construction Has Gone High Class

Most think of modular home development as high production of low-cost structures. But a report in The Real Deal cites a movement toward high-end customers in this space. Modular construction entices luxury buyers with quick turnaround times.

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The Link Between Architecture and Archaeology

Architecture thrives on a combination of multiple disciplines, such as structural engineering and quantity surveying. Many architects view archeology as a discipline of emerging importance to their craft. Designers use archaeology as a vehicle for sustainability and heritage.

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Modular Construction Makes Industry Safer for Workers

In recent years, the construction industry has migrated toward modular construction. COVID-19 has escalated this shift. The data indicates an increase in worker safety for companies who use this type of construction.

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Urbanization and Megacities: The New Future

Futurists are making predictions about what is coming next for the world. One of the most significant speculation areas is that population growth will drive more urbanization, and cities will have to deal with more and more people.

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How the Brain Responds to Architecture

We all know that we respond emotionally to architecture. The style and quality of a building can brighten moods, put people at ease, or depress and cause anxiety. But recently research psychiatrists have been studying the effects of architecture on the mind, and the results are intriguing.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: More than Just a Slogan

A slogan that we heard as kids in school has entered a more professional lexicon: the world of architecture. Now it’s taking on a whole new meaning as modern architects increasingly look for ways to make their buildings environmentally friendly, cheaper, and even more beautiful.

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Frank Gehry: Love Him or Hate Him

Despite being named “The Most Important Architect of Our Age,” by Vanity Fair, Frank Gehry got off to a shaky start. After deep soul searching he realized that what he liked best was art, museums, paintings, and music.

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