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Listen Up! Our Top 6 Construction Podcasts Picks

Construction industry influencers and contributors abound, making it challenging to hand-pick a subjective list of top podcasts. Regardless, we gave it a shot; we award two pod-thumbs up to the following podcasters.

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Groundbreaker! High School Designed to Promote Careers in Construction

The Clark County School District in the Greater Las Vegas area is opening one of the first of its kind: a full-time magnet high school designed for students who are interested in going into the construction industry.

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Despite Labor Shortages, One Builder is Donating Labor to Schools

Labor shortages plague the construction industry. Even so, Hutton Construction, a Wichita-based company, stepped up to help schools facing the same staffing crisis.

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New Details Emerge About Massive Rail Project Between Los Angeles and Las Vegas

A new website has launched for a new public high-speed rail line between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, with details emerging about the line's construction, known as Brightline West.

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Australian Bricklayers Clever Workflow

As reported this week by Gizmodo, a team of bricklayers in Australia invented a clever, if not entirely practical, way to build a wall. What starts as a simple game of dominos ends with an ingenious and surprising twist...

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