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Data and information on Safety measures, improvements, statistics, industry reports, and more — with the goal of reducing risk and avoiding injuries on the job.
Construction Drug Test Positivity at 20-Year High

In an industry with high injury and accident rates, many raise their eyebrows at new statistics that reveal the rising use of cocaine and marijuana. Moreover, drug tests uncover illicit substance abuse after work-related accidents. Opiates and oxycodone also show up in drug screenings.

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Construction's Suicide Rate Twice the National Average

2020 data shows that the construction industry's suicide rate sits at 45.3 per 100,000 male workers, substantially above the national average of 27.4 per 100,000 male workers.

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Data-Driven Safety is “Still Emerging” in Construction Industry

A report issued by Dodge Data & Analytics and The Blue Book Network cites movement in the construction industry toward data-driven safety and digital record keeping. However, the report also uncovers holes in the adoption of this technology.

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Suicide Plagues Construction Industry

Construction workers commit suicide at three times the national average. Within the construction industry, already the most dangerous profession, more workers die from suicide than job injuries and accidents. Construction has the second-highest suicide rate of any sector in the United States.

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